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On the line with Bart Hiller & Rick Friedrich

Fur Taker TV Streaming Videos • 40m

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    When the days are short & the prairies are snow covered, somewhere in the state, you will find Rich Kasper trapping muskrats. v He has the frozen sloughs and marshes to himself, as the "open water boys" are long gone. Rich lives on his own terms and his own schedule. He traps for a living. "I'...

  • Trapping for Pay, Red OHearn

    For Red O'Hearn trapping is a livelihood. He traps for pay, keeps the fur, skuls, gland etc. In this video you will accompany Red via a 75 minute video shot in the southern US, Red has skills and experience that cannot be topped.

  • A Day on the Line with Red O'Hearn

    Red has an array of methods that relate to living off of the land, For more then 50 years fur trapping has been one of them. While he still fur traps, much of his trapping is now done for pay. Enjoy Red’s wit and skills as you accompany him on his Iowa trapline.