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FREE Video Previews

Preview a short video from a variety of fur harvesting subjects before selecting a full-length video. Some full-length video run times are over 3 hours long, and full of the content that will help increase your knowledge and production. It's a quick and simple way for you to decide what order you want to watch the Fur Taker TV videos in.

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FREE Video Previews
  • Trailer - Caleb from Wiebe Knives Skinning Coon

    Step by step coon skinning. Caleb R from Wiebe Knives demonstrates a number of Wiebe Knives products on his way of skinning coons. You'll learn a quick process for skinning out a coon & the tools used to make it easier.

  • Trailer - Richard Johnson Skinning Coyote

    After a long day on the line, Mark Steck watches Richard Johnson's technique for skinning coyotes. You'll learn a lot listening to Richard Johnson... he's run a lot of coyotes thru the process.

  • Trailer - Mink Trapping lessons with Bud Hall

    Bud Hall passed in 2008. He was a trapping legend. Known to have caught 1000’s of fox and mink in which he supported his family of six. Bud did not keep a normal job. He was good enough to live off what the earth provided him with.

    In this 30 minute video, you will watch Bud give mink trapping l...

  • Trailer - Justin Deavor "Iowa Coon Trapping"

    Come along on a full days check of one of the most prolific "coon" lines in the lower 48! Join Mark Steck as he rides along with one of the best coon trappers he knows, and see what a day on the line is with coon trapper Justin Deavor!

  • Trailer-A Mixed Bag Trapline with Todd Wilibeski

    Host Mark Steck finishes the day with friend and colleague Todd Wilebski on his mixed trapline. You will be as amazed at the numbers, let alone the variety of critters caught. Todd runs an efficient mixed trapline where he successfully catches mink, coon, otter, coyote, beaver, muskrat, and skunk!

  • Trailer-Texas Cats & Coyotes with Dan Roberts

    Dan Roberts has been on the road trapping for half a century. If there’s a living to be made in trapping, he’ll find away. In this 1:52 minute video Dan is in Texas trapping bobcats and coyotes. He routinely takes 600 coyotes per year and a pile of bobcats.

    You will learn plenty from Dan and see...

  • Trailer-Texas Coyote Trapping

    Rick and Rolland Miller are fulltime nuisance trappers. In the fall and winter, they turn their attention to fur trapping. In this 107 minute video they catch close to 30 coyotes on their January line in Texas. You will see their very simple approach to what is often an over thought subject. They...

  • Trailer - Mink After Mink On Purpose

    This 3 part video series from Don Powell covers over 25 different types of sets suitable for ponds, streams and marshes. The footage includes strategy for before and after freeze ups, floods and blizzards. Mink are valuable, and o'yea, a thrill to catch! Most trappers don't know the ease of cat...

  • Trailer ~ Coon Trapping - The Untold Story - By Red O'Hearn

    Learn fast, effective techniques to maximize your raccoon catch. Mike “Red” O’Hearn, one of the best “coon men” in the country, describes and shows the methods that he has used to trap over 1000 coon a season, for seven years running, with over 12,000 raccoons trapped in the last 11 years.


  • Trailer - A Day on the Line with Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson has been on the coyote trail for 40 years. Coyotes are his passion. Trapping is a way of life for Richard. Richard has trapped in many states and all kinds of weather. His techniques and sets are deadly. This video was filmed in western Kansas.
    Included in this video:
    -Rj set full...

  • Trailer ~ No BS Coon Trapping

    Join Iowa longline trapper Kendall Obermier in this 2 part video as he shows time-tested techniques and new gear used to nail down coon after coon. He shows all the techniques, tools and baits it takes to catch a large volume of coon. Learn how to make trapping easier, taking care of large catc...

  • Trailer ~ Ed Schneider's ~ Coyote Trapping - Fall & Winter Methods

    Ed Schneider's "Coyote Trapping - Fall & Winter Trapping Methods" contains proven methods that work. This 2 part, 3 hour set explains trapping sets like the step-down dirt hole set, the T-bone set, the staked hide wool set, the trail set and the duff set. Ed also spends a lot of time discussing b...

  • Trailer ~ Bobcat Trapping with Andy Weiser

    Andy Weiser makes his living trapping. He traps year-round, he traps for fur and he traps for ranchers. His skills and experience put him among the best in the business. Canines and cats are his bread and butter. Lions and wolves are frequently encountered on his lines. He’s been at it for o...

  • Trailer - Snaring-In-The-Snow ~ by Bernie Barringer and Rick Hines

    Bernie Barringer and Rick Hines each have more than 40 years of experience snaring furbearers and now they share their techniques and strategies in the educational and entertaining video Snaring in the Snow. This video covers in-depth strategies on red and grey fox, bobcats, and coyotes. They go ...

  • Trailer; Milligan Brand Coyote Fever

    Come along with legendary fur trapper Ray Milligan as he shares his trapping knowledge. "The Art of the 2" Circle" is the skill of getting wild coyotes to step on YOUR pan

  • Trailer: Canine Trapping In Dirt & Snow with Mark Steck

    Mark Steck caught his first canine in 1973. Since that time, Steck has commercially trapped fox and coyotes in several states, in all kinds of conditions. A trapping free spirit, Mark brings to this video, simplistic methods that bust many trapping myths. He gives an in depth analysis of empty tr...

  • Trailer_MilliganBrand_Fox Across America

    Come along with legendary fur trapper Ray Milligan as he shares his trapping knowledge! "The Art of the 2" Circle" is the skill of getting wild red & gray fox to step on YOUR trap pans! Ray traps 50 counties from Pennsylvania to Arizona, from Montana to Louisiana. This video is chock full of more...

  • Trailer_A Maine Trapline with Brian & Mark Donaghy

    Follow along with experienced trappers, Maine Guides, and twins Brian and Mark , on their trapline in the remote mountains of western Maine. Watch and learn from their tried techniques for trapping beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, marten, fisher and weasel. This is a true multi-species DVD filmed in...

  • Trailer: Milligan Brand On The Prowl For Bobcat

    Come along with legendary fur trapper Ray Milligan as he shares his trapping knowledge! "The Art of the 2" Circle" is the skill of getting wild bobcats to step on YOUR trap pans.

  • Trailer: Beaver Hunting With The Anglins

    The Anglin family has a long tradition of Spring beaver hunting. A little known craft passed down through the years, Paul and Tyler Anglin take you on an action packed beaver hunt. Plenty of kills along with plenty of misses! Come on along for a great ride with something you will not see anywher...

  • Trailer - Pure Fun: Daytime Raccoon Calling and Hunting

    "Pure Fun: Daytime Raccoon Calling and Hunting" David & Mike Sells
    David and Mike bring you along to learn what they do to bag raccoon in the daytime. The most fun and exciting method you will ever experience while calling and hunting raccoons.
    Mike has over 25 years worth of experience calling ...

  • Trailer: Fulltime Beaver Trapping with Ron Hauser

    Ron Hauser grew up on the banks of the Minnesota River and was long lining beavers from his bicycle at age 13. The next 30-plus years he has trapped beaver for fur and bounty, from the Canadian border to the cypress swamps of Mississippi, and a bunch of states in between. Ride along with Hauser a...

  • Trailer: HARDCORE Muskrat Trapping With Mark Steck

    Mark Steck's "Hardcore Muskrat Trapping" DVD takes you along with Mark in South Dakota, one of the muskrat hot spots of the world. On a working trapline you will see first hand the techniques that allowed Mark to take 4,900 rats in 2011-2012. Using foot holds, body grips and colony traps Mark s...

  • Trailer: Pipe Trapping The Motherload Of Mink & Coon with Mark Steck

    In Mark Steck's "Pipe Trapping" DVD come along as Dakota Line veteran trapper Mark Steck runs a water line using PVC pipes. Watch as Steck nails coon after coon and mink after mink in sets that are simple, fast and go where you want them. Pipe trapping will change the way you trap. These metho...